Healthy Snacking Redefined.

Artisan Tropic is a family adventure fueled by our family’s passion for healthy living. In 1994, we moved to Charlotte, North Carolina from Bogotá, Colombia (South America). Charlotte has become home and is very dear to our hearts. We love to dance. We love soccer. We love family. And we LOVE to eat healthy. Why?

We are a Healthy Snack Company providing you with Tropical Snacks.

We are a family owned business that is also Certified Minority owned.

We love our farmers and single moms that we have the privilege of employing in Colombia.

Artisan Tropic is a family adventure fueled by our family’s passion for healthy living.


Healthy. Snacking. Redefined.

Plantain Strips & Cassava Strips.

Crispy Strips made with REAL ingredients.


We love to give back: Love’s Bloom

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Healthy. Snacking. Redefined.
The strips contain only three ingredients or less! They have no preservatives, no artificial flavors; they are NON GMO, Gluten-free, vegan and Paleo Certified.

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What People are Saying about Us!
  • “My emergency food drawer at work. What else would you add? ”
  • “Real life: I wasn't able to do full Sunday meal prep and went grocery shopping last night. It made for a late night and I chose sleep over meal prep. So...today is a no cook kind of day.”
  • “All I can say is DANG! Where have these been all my life! Thank you to @onestoppaleoshop for introducing me to these AIP- friendly cassava chips from @artisantropic !!!! They're ridiculously good!!!!! #paleo #paleosnacks #aip #autoimmuneprotocol I'm eating them with my guacamole recipe from #thepaleoapproachcookbook ”
    @onestoppaleoshop, -ThePaleoMom
  • “My new favorite snack! So yummy! The company is @artisantropic . Everything they make is heathy and delish. #paleo”
  • “Travel snacks!!! Freaking love these plantain chips from @artisantropic . They are the seriously....amazing! #paleo #glutenfree #plantainsaremysuperfood #jessiskitchen”
    - JessisKitchen
  • “Finally a healthy snack at the airport. Picked this up in Terminal A of the Detroit Airport at the CNBC store. Thanks to @artisantropic”
  • “ me dancing w/joy just received my case of @artisantropic #cassavastrips WOOT WOOT”

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