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12 Healthier Snacks for Kids

12 Healthier Snacks for Kids

By Juan Nino July 05, 2024


If you are currently or have at any point been a parent of littles, then you know the incomparable power that snacks wield over those precious little bodies. The special little snack stomach that those sweet kiddos have that allows them to reject any structured meal because they “aren’t hungry,” then immediately run to the pantry for a snack, because snack stomach is always open for business. And with that in mind, you may also know the struggle to find quality, nutritious snacks that can appease the mystical “snack stomach” but also give you peace of mind around nutrient quality, because while there are plenty of snacks out there loudly marketed specifically to kids, plastered with colorful cartoon characters and clever eye-catching shenanigans, they’re also most often chock-full of sugars, artificial flavors and colors, fifty shades of corn, and very little by way of the nutrient density most needed for those growing bodies.

That’s where we’ve got you covered with 12 high-quality, kid-approved, paleo-friendly, nutrient-dense snacks that parents can feel good about feeding their kids. These are tried and true favorites with our own kiddos and we’re certain your kids will love them, too!

1. Chomps Meat Sticks

We love these because they’re a highly portable protein option, with each stick packing 10-12 g of protein from grass-fed beef and no sugar. They’re also free of the top 9 allergens, contain zero fillers, and they are DELICIOUS! They come in turkey and venison flavors additionally, as well as “Chomplings,” the perfect 0.5 oz mini meat snacks for little tummies.

2. Lovebird Cereal

Lovebird really changed the cereal game by crafting their delicious cereals with only real food ingredients that are organic, grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO. No refined sugars or neon-hued nonsense here. They’re also glyphosate free to boot. Check out their variety pack for a sampling of 4 of their delicious flavors (honey, cinnamon, cacao, and unsweetened). And if that wasn’t enough to hook you, Lovebird is also committed to making a difference by donating 20% of their net profits to support nonprofits in the fight against pediatric cancer.

3. Once Upon A Farm Pouches

These tasty little pouches pack pasture-raised A2/A2 organic milk (a more absorbable, more digestible dairy protein), fruits, and veggies. No added sugars and no preservatives. They’re a great grab-and-go snack that are perfect for everyday adventures with your kids.

4. Solely Dried Fruit Jerky

Nothing but dried organic fruit, sustainably rescued from fruits that wouldn’t otherwise sell or be used. Solely instead crafts them into perfectly snackable strips, utilizing the whole fruit at its peak ripeness. They also work to turn more family-owned farmland organic! These strips are a great no-nonsense dried fruit option that are perfect for on-the-go.

5. Wild Zora Meat Bars

Meat AND veggies, all packed into perfectly snackable little bars. These deliciously portable meat bars also come in a unique variety of flavors not found in most other snacks of their variety, like Mediterranean lamb, curry turkey, or Italian beef. They also have dehydrated soups and other heartier just-add-water paleo organic meals for extra travel snack options for the whole family.

6. Skout Organic Bars

Always organic dates, sunflower protein, dried fruit and flavors, perfectly-sized for little hands on-the-go. Lots of fun flavor options to please those particular little palates. Snag a subscription so you never run out and can also try a fun mix of all the flavors, or just get an entire pack of the one flavor your kiddo will decide they like most that week.

7. Serenity Foods Pouches

Great for babe’s first foods and well into toddlerhood and beyond. Free from all top common allergens. These hearty pouches feature beyond-organic veggies and grass-fed, pasture-raised meats and wild-caught salmon. The savory blend of flavors encourage a broad appreciation of flavors, like coconut curry with chicken, beef chimichurri, salmon teriyaki, and more. Serenity foods is also committed to supporting regenerative practices with their food sourcing.

8. Artisan Tropic Snack Packs

Sure, we’re a little biased here, but these crunchy, salty plantain or cassava snack packs are the perfect small servings that pack a powerful punch for all your crunchy snacking needs. They’re also perfectly sized for smaller appetites.

9. Harmless Harvest Coconut Waters, Smoothies, and Yogurt

Coconut water is rich in natural electrolytes, and the coconut smoothies pack an additional punch with real organic fruit and veggies. Harmless Harvest has shifted to regenerative agriculture practices used in coconut sourcing; recycled plastic containers.

10. Ice Cream For Bears

For those days when a special little treat is just needed, we love this ice cream because it is made with grass-fed milk, sweetened with raw honey, and made with 100% real ingredients. No fillers, no artificial anything.

11. FOND Bone Broths

We love FOND because they offer an awesome array of flavored chicken and beef bone broths. All their products are Regeneratively sourced.

12. Buf Mozzarella Cheese

We love it, because it is an amazing cheese made in Colombia. Winner of 2016 #1 Mozzarella Cheese in 2016 by the American Cheese Society. Available at Whole Foods. Non-GMO. Made from free range and grass-fed Water Buffalo Milk.

Most of these snacks can be found at your local grocery or natural food stores. Almost all are additionally available online, with many offering subscription options so you never have to worry about running out of your kiddos faves and you can save some pennies at the same time. Wins all around! And beyond hitting all the marks that a great snack should (tasty, portable, nutrient-dense, fun to eat), these brands are reaching even higher with focuses on organic, regenerative farming, high sustainability standards, responsible packaging, heavy metal testing, and so much more. They each offer high marks that parents can feel good about.

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